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  1. Main shaft motor: variable frequency motor;X/Y direction all use servo motor
  2. Stitch length: 2-6mm
  3. Shuttle: 7#; 10#
  4. Power: 3 phase 380V 50HZ
  5. Speed: max 580rpm


  1. Adopting digital control program
  2. Saddles and rollers are driven by servo devices
  3. The main shaft is controlled by frequency conversion devices
  4. Large number of built-in quilting patterns for your choice
  5. Easy and quick editing of patterns
  6. The patterns are quilted arbitrarily 360°all-round
  7. It has the function of quilting patters independently
  8. The speed of needle can reach 580pin/min, and the stitch length can be adjusted between 2-6mm
  9. It has the function of pattern compensation, and solves the problem that the pattern will be out of shape result from adding the quilting fillers
  10. Analog display quilting
  11. Raise the needle automatically, and has the system of location and brake
  12. Infrared sensors guarantee the safety of the operator(if asked, it will be added)
  13. X/Y direction are controlled by servo motor, which ensure the precision of quilting


  1. It is the best equipment which produces mattress, bedspread, quilt, garment, car cushion and so on.
  2. It has low cost but high efficiency, and it has short period to pay back and has little risk to invest the equipment
  3. The quilting stitch of the machine is even and solid
  4. There are about 100 designs collected in the computer, so it is easy to change the designs, and the computer also has protection function
  5. The computer has more than 200 designs supplying for customers
  6. You can directly control the equipment work, and the memory function is very stable, so it can ruly work
  7. The machine is low noise and feeble shaking
  8. A length memory is installed in the machine, so it can record the length automatically
  1. TRANSMISSION PARTS:servo motor application and stable torque, and high precision positioning, and integrated parameter configuration
  2. NEEDLE ROW:imported material with high quality; 2 hackles and 3 hackles application is specially manufactured; according to the patterns that customers require to choose the configuration of the machine
  3. ELECTRIC CONTROL PARTS:ndustrial host computer parts use Yanxiang/Yanhua Brand with performance protection and application function and joint guaranty in nationwide

This machine plan sketch :


Model Machine Size(L*W*H)m Max working width(m) Generator pier width(mm) Needle row number Needle speed(rpm) Main shaft drive Max quilting thickness(g/㎡) Min quilting thickness(g/㎡) Weight(T) Power(kw)
HXB-64-2 3.86*2.1*2.4 64''(1.62m) 2520 2 580   变频
600 20 2.0 3.5
HXB-64-3 3.86*2.1*2.4 64''(1.62m) 2520 3 580 600 20 2.0 3.5
HXB-94-2 4.62*2.1*2.4 94''(2.38m) 3280 2 550 600 20 2.8 3.5
HXB-94-3 4.62*2.1*2.4 94''(2.38m) 3280 3 550 600 20 2.8 4.0
HXB-118-3 5.32*2.1*2.4 118''(3m) 3840 3 500 600 20 3.5 5.5
HXB-128-3 5.6*1.4*2.4 128''(3.25m) 4490 3 500 600 20 3.7 5.5