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HXD-GS High speed computerized single needle quilting machine

Function of the machine:

    1. Adopt the imported linear guider, sewing head moving with high efficiency but lower vibration noise.
    2. Max sewing speed is 300rpm.improve working efficiency 20-25%.
    3. Easy worn parts of sewing head free of oil, good for machine maintenance.
    4. Auto adjust the hook position will stock in computer memory. 
    5. Configuration auto trimming and lubrication.
    6. Industrial computer update, system more stable.
    7. Main axis adopt the electronic system, X and Y direction adopt the stepper drive system.
    8. Using new industrial control board,USB flash disk will be useful to reset or coy the designs in software,
    9. Sewing head provide the moving pressure equipment,quilting process will be stable and smoothly. Adopt Single head,single needle,lock stitch and big rotary hook.
    10. Upper thread detection is available , machine will auto stop when its open.Press F3 of keyboard could open or close this function.
    11. It has more than 200 different kinds of designs in stock ,Customer could copy the design from USB flash disk.
    12. Through pattern management,could check ,copy or delete the pattern.
    13. It has pattern browse function.could read dst,dat,emb etc design format,could rotate and mirror the pattern.
    14. It has the count quantity and clear function.could count the output very easy.
    15. It could quilting forward or backward.and setting the lockstitck needle stitch length.
    16. It could tracking pattern stitch,easy to find any point of pattern .
    17. It will show quilting and note the operate method.
    18. It easy to set the patter limit range and pattern space in computer.
    19. It could trimming the position ,could exactly quilting the piece by piece .
    20. Through setting the patter limit range and space to enlarge or reduce the pattern.
    21. Needle auto stop in high position.
    22. System testing function.Easy to test the machine working process,good for maintenance machine.
    23. Main axis problem testing function.could avoid the quilt damage because of the main axis fault.It has the protection function of beyond the bound.
    24. It has auto or manual method to back to home position.

We can prodce all types of special products according to customers.